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Temecula Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Offices of Parwana Anwar, PLC is a full-service criminal defense firm located in the Murrieta area of Riverside County and serving all of Southern California, including Riverside, San Diego, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties. We handle every type of criminal case, ranging from a simple petty theft or DUI misdemeanor case to a Three Strikes serious and violent felony case, such as murder, assault with a deadly weapon, or residential burglary. Our philosophy is to ensure that every client and every case is provided with a vigorous and competent defense. We understand that this can be an extremely difficult and stressful time, and we are here to assist you through every step of the process in order to guarantee that your rights are protected.

Criminal Defense

Crimes may be charged as infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. Wobblers are crimes that may be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies. Felonies are serious crimes that may be punished by at least a year in state prison. Misdemeanors are crimes punished by a maximum of one year in county jail. You should not assume that a conviction is assured. The prosecutor must establish your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. If we are retained, Temecula criminal lawyer Parwana Anwar will review everything that happened with the police to determine whether there are procedural or technical defenses that may be raised. In some cases, there are substantive defenses, such as self-defense or defense of others. If possible, it is useful to retain an attorney during the pre-arrest investigation, or before charges have been filed, so that the attorney has a chance to prevent the filing of charges or divert the allegations into an informal resolution.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to any form of abuse or violence that occurs within a domestic or familial relationship, typically involving intimate partners, spouses, or family members. In California, domestic violence is taken seriously, and the state has specific laws and legal provisions to address it. Like any criminal case, individuals accused of domestic violence are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof lies with the prosecution to demonstrate the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It is crucial for individuals facing domestic violence charges to hire an experienced Temecula criminal defense attorney who specializes in domestic violence cases. A defense attorney will provide guidance, protect the defendant's rights, and build a strong defense strategy. This can include questioning the credibility of witnesses, raising doubts about the accuracy of the evidence, or arguing that the alleged incident did not meet the legal definition of domestic violence. If the accused can demonstrate that his or her actions were in self-defense or defense of others, it may be possible to mount a successful defense. California law also allows individuals to use reasonable force to protect themselves or others from imminent harm. In some cases, individuals may be falsely accused of domestic violence or mistaken for the actual perpetrator. A defense attorney may investigate the circumstances, gather evidence, and present a strong defense to establish the defendant's innocence.


Vehicle Code sections 23152(a) and 23152(b) prohibit driving under the influence. You may be charged with a per se DUI if your blood alcohol content was .08% or higher. You also may be charged under section 23152(a) if your BAC was lower than .08%, but you were impaired. First offense DUIs are usually charged as misdemeanors, and you can face up to six months in jail if you are convicted. However, if there is a collision that causes bodily injuries, or if you have multiple prior convictions, you may face felony charges. Additionally, if you refuse to submit to chemical testing, your driver’s license can be suspended for a year. Sometimes the strongest defense in a DUI case is technical or procedural. Under the Fourth Amendment, the police must have had a reasonable suspicion of criminal wrongdoing to pull you over, and they must have had probable cause to arrest you. If a criminal defense attorney in Temecula can show that the police did not have a reasonable suspicion to stop you, evidence obtained during the illegal stop may be suppressed. Without that evidence, the prosecutor may not be able to establish the DUI charge against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

Theft Crimes

Theft is the intentional and unlawful taking of property with the intent of permanently depriving the owner of the property. Theft crimes include carjacking, fraud, grand theft auto, embezzlement, robbery, burglary, petty theft, and grand theft. Theft crimes are classified according to the value of the property stolen. Petty theft involves property with a value of $950 or less. If you are convicted, you may face up to six months of incarceration and a $1,000 fine. Grand theft involves stealing property that is worth more than $950. It may be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. If you are convicted of grand theft, you may face incarceration for up to three years in state prison.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes include possession, manufacturing, sales, and trafficking. Controlled substances in California include cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine. Controlled substances are categorized according to schedules. For example, Schedule I drugs include heroin and hallucinogens. The amount and quantity of the drugs at issue can affect the charges filed against you. If you possess a large quantity of cocaine, for example, you may face felony drug charges. What must be proven to obtain a drug crime conviction depends on the specific charge. The defenses also will vary depending on the situation, and a Temecula criminal defense lawyer can investigate all the strategies that may be available to you. These may include a lack of intent, lack of knowledge, or constitutional issues with the manner in which law enforcement seized the drugs.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes include murder, manslaughter, child abuse, assault and battery, domestic violence, and hate crimes. For example, murder is the unlawful and unjustified killing of another person with malice aforethought. There are two degrees of murder charged in California, with first-degree murder being more harshly penalized. Sometimes a homicide results in manslaughter charges instead. Manslaughter is an unlawful killing without malice aforethought, and it may be charged as voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, or as vehicular manslaughter.

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

As a former Riverside County Deputy District Attorney, Ms. Anwar is skilled in every aspect of a criminal case, including attacking cases on search and seizure violations, Miranda violations involving involuntary or coerced confessions or statements, unlawful detentions or arrests, and unlawful use of force issues, among many others. Having experience on both sides of a case, Ms. Anwar is uniquely skilled in spotting which weaknesses exist in a case, where to attack the prosecution, and how to successfully defend a case in a jury trial. Having conducted numerous jury trials as both a prosecutor and a Temecula criminal defense attorney, she is a highly trained litigator who will not settle until every defense is explored and considered. She has been successful in obtaining acquittals for numerous clients facing very serious charges, as well as having charges dismissed or reduced.

If you are looking for an attorney who will provide you with highly personalized attention, aggressive representation, and affordable rates, look no further. Ms. Anwar’s extensive experience in the field of criminal justice serves as the perfect foundation to ensure that your rights are protected and that your case is expertly defended. Ms. Anwar represents clients throughout Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, San Diego, and Sacramento Counties. Call us at 951.698.1250 or contact us via our online form for a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Temecula.

Case Results
Assault with Deadly Weapon
Defendant facing 2 counts of assault with deadly weapon and strike prior. Exposure is 10 years. Only offer is prison. After preliminary hearing, Ms. Anwar was able to resolve the case for a 415 infraction and a fine.
Felony Domestic Violence Not Guilty, Misdemeanor
Defendant facing felony domestic violence charges where off-duty police officer observes defendant hitting the alleged victim. Defendant has 4 prison priors and is facing over 8 years in prison. Jury finds defendant NOT GUILTY of the felony and only convicts on lesser misdemeanor charge. Defendant gets credit for time served.
Carjacking & Kidnapping
Defendant facing multiple strike offenses, including car-jacking and kidnapping at gunpoint. Exposure was 25-life. DA’s office would only accept a 19-year offer. After much investigation and negotiation, Ms. Anwar was able to get a non-strike disposition where defendant would only serve 2 ½ years after credits.
Felony Domestic Violence Dismissal
Defendant facing felony domestic violence charge for allegedly punching girlfriend in the mouth. Only offer was prison. Through investigation, Ms. Anwar was able to prove that his girlfriend had a preexisting injury to her lip, and lied to police. Case dismissed. Defendant goes home.
Client Reviews
A huge thank you to Parwana Anwar who represented my husband in a difficult case. She is an honest, and hard working attorney who fought hard to keep my husband out of jail and to keep me calm and reassured along the way. Hands down, best attorney experience we have ever had! Stephanie L.
Most lawyers keep you in the dark but Parwana explained every step to me along the way. She always answered my calls and my questions. I trust her completely! I can honestly say I am free because of her. She never gave up on me and I am eternity grateful! David I.
Parwana fought and won my case against Riverside County. I was facing 2 felony strikes which she contested and got completely dismissed! If it wasn't for her hard work, determination and commitment to my case I would be behind bars for crimes I did not commit. Thank you so much Parwana! Roger L.
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