DUI Breathalyzer

Breathalyzer tests are not 100% accurate, despite what the authorities may claim. Police must meet certain requirements to prove the breathalyzer machine (also known as the intoxilyzer) was working properly at the time it was administered to you, before the results are admissible in court. Even if they are admissible- you can nevertheless challenge the outcome of the machine.

There are certain variables which can affect the outcomes of the breathalyzer machines. Heat, proper calibration and maintenance, and the manner in which it is administered are just a few factors that may influence the results. Additionally, for the outcomes of such test or tests to be admissible as evidence, it must be established that all tests administered had been administered to the person within three hours following such person’s arrest or initial detention. Contact a Temecula DUI Attorney today

Therefore, if you blow over a .08% on the intoxilyzer, do not automatically assume you have no defense. Contact an experienced Temecula DUI attorney today at Anwar Law Offices to schedule your free consultation.