State Trooper Shoots an Unarmed Driver After he Complies With Troopers Request to Produce his Drivers License

A South Carolina State Trooper stops a man for an alleged seat belt violation. Upon asking the driver, who was exiting his vehicle, for his driver's license, the driver turns and reaches into his vehicle to retrieve the requested identification. The trooper immediately begins firing his weapon, a total of four times, even after the driver had his hands up and was backing up. The driver was shot in his hip, but thankfully, did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Luckily, the entire incident was captured by the trooper's own dashcam. Otherwise, the incident would have been retold by the officer in a much different manner than we witnessed. Moreover, the trooper has been fired from his position and is now facing felony aggravated assault charges. This usually does not happen in these types of cases, but as recent events have proved, a crime caught on a recording will likely mean justice will be served.

Although this incident, unfortunately, was most likely motivated by racial issues and fear on the trooper's part, it could happen to anyone. Without knowing the experience or likely reaction of any given police officer who stops you, this case reinforces the idea of verbally notifying officers of your intent when you make any type of movement (even if that movement is at their request). Although not a legal requirement, this could save your life.

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