Having a DUI warrant hanging over your head can take its toll -- emotionally, economically, and legally. It will frequently lead to much more serious effects than you would have faced had you voluntarily showed up before the court. But exactly how do you know what to expect?

Contact a Temecula DUI Attorney

That's where we come in. We offer free, private DUI consultations where our Temecula criminal defense attorney can explain exactly how we could help make this frightening experience less uncertain. In many cases, Anwar Law Offices will appear in court for you, so you will never have to stand before a judge. The warrant will be recalled and quashed.

With our California legal knowledge, and relationships and confidence from local judges, having a warrant recalled for you is a straightforward process. A warrant-free life means no more living in fear.

No matter how bad you think it's going to be to "turn yourself in", the consequences will ultimately be much worse if you continue to avoid the inevitable.

Contact an experienced Temecula DUI attorney at Anwar Law Offices to assist you in having your warrant recalled today.